How do I use Phantom Wallet on my PC?

Phantom has been one of the premier wallets for the Solana blockchain network. This wallet is your getaway to the Solana ecosystem. Phantom Wallet is easy-to-setup and use. Any one of you can use this wallet on the mobile or computer to manage the SOL tokens. Phantom allows users to access its wallet on the PCs as well with the help of the Phantom browser extension. But before that, ensure that you have set up your wallet account Phantom mobile app. One who has the Phantom password details can easily log in to the Phantom browser extension to start using the wallet on the PC. However, if you do not have the password details, you can easily recover the wallet account with the help of the seed phrase details. Let’s move ahead to know the way to use the Phantom web wallet on your PC.

Way to use Phantom on Windows PC
Users of the Windows PC can also use the Phantom Wallet by installing the Phantom browser extension on their PC. You can use Microsoft Edge or any other browser to do that. Now, follow these steps to start using the Phantom on Windows PC:
1. Go to the webpage
2. Now, select the browser on which you are looking to add the extension
3. On the next page, click on the ‘Add to browser’ option
4. Wait for a short time, the extension will be added to your PC
5. Now, you need to launch this extension on your device
6. From the homepage, find and enter the password details of the Phantom account
7. If required, click the ‘Import’ button and enter the seed phrase details to recover the wallet
8. After typing the password, click the ‘Unlock’ button to access the wallet

Way to use Phantom Wallet on Mac
Mac users who are signed with the Phantom app and have the password details can follow these steps to start using Phantom on their PCs:
1. Using a browser on your Mac, go to the site
2. Here, you need to click on the name of your browser
3. Now, click on the ‘Add to browser’ button on the next page
4. Wait for a few minutes, the Phantom extension file will be added to your Mac
5. Once it is added, open the extension on your browser
6. Head to the login page, type the password, and click the ‘Unlock’ button

In short, Phantom Wallet has been the most preferred crypto wallet for the Solana exchange. It allows you to use it on mobile and computer both types of devices. In case you are not sure, you can easily learn the way to install the Phantom browser extension with the help of the quick steps stated in the above sections. Surely, this read has helped you to start using the Phantom Wallet on your PC.